The Science Behind The Safety


Not convinced that the Safe-T-Stool is the safest stool around? Our stools are engineered like none other and center around safety from top to bottom.

Up top, the platform is made of patterned rubber to help prevent slipping and sliding while maneuvering atop the stool. Moving down, you will find that the body is composed one-hundred percent of an extremely durable polypropylene plastic polymer that is remarkably light-weight and resistant to hot and cold temperatures. Additionally, the body incorporates a set of comfortable carrying handles without compromising structural integrity.

The underside is where the Safe-T-Stool truly gets its brawn. Rectilinear spines act together to support loads of over five-hundred pounds while the stool is kept solid in place by a new era of slip prevention track: Stool Track Technology for Non-Slip Performance™ which uses pressure and friction to ensure a non-skid experience. Angled walls create an equilibrium that prevents tipping, along with assisting in the distribution of weight. Angled walls also allow for multiple Safe-T-Stools to be stacked for storage, or combined with other Safe-T-Stools to reach greater heights without sacrificing safety.