We are the Safest Stool around. Hands Down.

  • 100% Anti-Tip

  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA

  • Withstand Loads Over 500lbs

  • Safe, Durable, & Lightweight

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  • Great, safe stool! Highly recommend.

    "Really high quality stool. The plastic is very sturdy, and thick. I am a heavy lady, and I don't ever feel unsafe on this step. It's never flipped over or anything. Perfect height for me to reach the top cabinets in my kitchen! I love the color, too. A nice, sharp red!" - Sandra P.

  • Best step stool I've ever used!

    "My husband recently passed away and I've had to find what I call "husband substitutes" to replace things he did for me. This is a wonderfully sturdy, lightweight step stool that allows me to reach my top kitchen cabinets with ease. I highly recommend it. It comes in black, or blue, or red. It sits proudly in my kitchen because it's so attractive, ready to be used at a moments notice!" - Linda S.

  • Perfect for kids and up

    "We have used this for a year as a bathroom step stool for an active kid. It is rock solid and does not slip or tip. Came back to get another for the kitchen. Sturdy for adults and so much better for kids than the usual kid stools. It does have a big "footprint" to make it so sturdy, so make sure it fits where you need it." - Customer

Calculated Design & Engineered for Safety

A Five-Star Rated, No-Tip, Anti-Slip Step Stool designed to make stepping up safe and secure for everyone. Safe-T-Stool® is engineered to withstand loads of over 500lbs, and incorporates Stool Track Technology for Non-Slip Performance.™

Available in a wide array of colors, Safe-T-Stool® is the hardest working step stool around. From homes to gardens, healthcare to classrooms, office to garage - Safe-T-Stools make everything easier and safer anywhere they go.

Proudly Manufactured in the USA.



Use in homes, garages, mechanical and commercial industries, offices, hospital and health care settings, schools, or any place where safety is paramount. Perfect for assisting the elderly and small children. The Safe-T-Stool® is even durable enough to be used in exercise, sports training, physical rehabilitation, and more!

Martha Stewart Safe-T-Stool Incorporated Brand

Incorporate Your Brand

Interested in adding your company logo? Reach out to us! There’s nothing we love more than to see other companies embody our product for their purposes. We knew we were onto something exceptional when Martha Stewart placed her brand on a Safe-T-Stool® line. We couldn’t be more honored!